Anonymous asked:
my fucking asshole hurts

that’s nice


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Anonymous asked:
How often do you workout ?

3-4 times a week

Anonymous asked:
Are you doing HH?

I dont know what I’m doing

Anonymous asked:
you're such a nice girl and in all your tinychats you seem so innocent and youre so cute and your voice is like an angel and I was just trying to picture you giving a blowjob and having sex and all that, and I actually found it fucking hot. I bet you're naughty as hell in the bedroom. And I wouldn't mind having a threesome with you and nick ok bye

Sorry he’s mine hehe

Anonymous asked:
I think it's in your setting but you don't have to do it lmao, aren't you with nick

Can I do it on my phone? And I am but he’s asleep


❀ ❀ ❀